The goal of our Cheer class is to introduce the cheerleaders to basic arm motions, jumps, stunts, cheers and cheer terminology. Cheerleaders will learn the correct technique and terminology for arm motions, jumps, stunts and cheers.  The girls will also sequence together motions, jumps and stunts creating a simple “routine”.  This class is great for girls preparing for high school cheer teams.

Basic tumbling skills are introduced and reviewed such as rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. The more serious student would need to enroll in an additional Tumbling class to improve tumbling skills more quickly. Students will work on various pieces of training equipment such as the spring floor, trampoline, power track, resi pit and loose foam pit.


Recreational Cheerleading

Our Recreational Cheer Program is focused on learning and mastering the basics of cheerleading. Motions, Jumps and Stunts are learned during each practice. The goal of the recreational program is to teach the beginner athlete the fundamentals of cheerleading. Learning the fundamentals will help them prepare for All-Star cheerleading, High School cheerleading, and will ensure they become more flexible and confident athletes. Recreational Cheer is a great, inexpensive way to get involved in cheerleading and a fun way to gain experience in the sport. Both boys and girls are welcome to join any time throughout the year!

Recreational Cheerleading

Team Cheerleading

The Competitive Gold Medal Gyms Cheerleading Team is perfect for the cheerleader who has a genuine passion for the sport of cheerleading and is looking for a challenge. We are a team that does NOT perform at football or basketball games, but rather a competitive team that competes at competitions in Missouri and other states. We welcome both rookies and veterans, and we highly promote good sportsmanship at all times. While winning and doing successful in competitions is a significant element in competitive cheerleading, the Gold Medal Gyms Competitive Cheerleading Team sets goals other than coming home with trophies. Our goals are to set an example for Gold Medal Gyms, Republic and the surrounding Communities, promote teamwork and leadership skills, encourage teammates to be constructive, and ultimately have fun while being an active member of society.

Team Cheerleading
Team Cheerleading image