Gold Medal Gyms offers recreational cheer and tumbling classes for athletes of all ages. Classes focus on basic skill development and progress through levels as individual skills progress. The goal of the recreational cheer program is to teach the beginner athlete the fundamentals of cheerleading. Learning the fundamentals will help them prepare for All-Star Cheerleading Competition, High School Cheerleading and ensure they become more flexible and confident athletes. Cost for Cheerleading Rec Classes is $64.00 per month.

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Gold Medal Gyms offers recreational cheer, dance and tumbling programs. These classes strengthen overall skills and conditioning. Our recreational program is designed for those who are interested in competitive cheerleading without the commitment, or for those preparing for junior high/high school cheer, and for those who are looking to simply be a cheerleader. Plus, those who love to dance or want to expand their tumbling skills!

Athletes will increase their knowledge base of cheer motions, jumps and also begin to learn the basics of stunting. As the class levels increase, the pace of the skills will increase, the jumps become jump combos and they will also focus on tumbling! This is a great stepping stone to gradually introduce them to the world of All Star Cheer. All ages, girls and boys are welcome with no experience necessary.
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