Gold Medal Gyms Team Cheerleading programs offer competitive cheer squads who wish to develop cheer skills while participating on a competitive team. Team members not only learn routines and stunts, but also develop leadership, dedication and positive sportsmanship. Cheerleaders train year round to perfect a choreographed routine and compete in specific divisions split by age and difficulty levels 1 thru 6. Each athlete is an integral part of the team and trained to develop their individual skills to reach maximum potential.

Competitive cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports among youth today. It’s a great way to keep athletes active. It also promotes teamwork, develops confidence and interpersonal skills, as well as encourages a healthy lifestyle.  Jumping, dancing and tumbling teach coordination and provide cardiovascular exercise. Lifts and other acrobatic moves enhance strength and flexibility. Athletes learn to work together in cheer, which helps them to trust others, assert themselves and get over their shyness.

Gold Medal Gyms is the premier all-star cheer program. It is designed to teach athletes the fundamentals of cheer and tumbling. We offer a variety of ways to participate, from tumbling classes to private lessons and competitive all-star cheer teams. GMG strives to build teamwork, respect, dedication, and sportsmanship through athletics. We believe that all children are athletes and, through practice and training, can reach their maximum developmental ability. Come try out Competitive Cheerleading at Gold Medal Gyms today!