At Gold Medal Gyms we offer programs for everybody and every ambition from the toddler motor development programs to the pursuit of Olympic caliber competitors. Gymnastics and cheerleading provides the strongest and most enjoyable foundation for an athletes journey in becoming a happy and healthy adult by being one of the best all-around training experiences for growth and development of children and youth. The development of physical condition, coordination and strength is complemented with the development of self-confidence, self esteem, concentration and cooperative learning skills. 


The Gold Medal Gyms gymnastics program is a year-round series of exciting and enjoyable fitness activities that enhances children’s athletic abilities for all sports and physical skills through physical and mental discipline. Trained and certified instructors are responsible for teaching fundamental techniques of gymnastics, tumbling, and dance, helping young people excel through participation in activities that develop self-discipline, self-esteem and a sense of self-accomplishment in its early childhood, youth and teen participants. Early childhood participants develop and enhance their motor, listening and social skills through movement education programming. Youth and teen participants experience a positive gymnastics experience while developing skills on all the Olympic gymnastics events… The gymnastics and tumbling programs encourage and train athletes for the Gold Medal Gyms competitive teams.

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Cheerleading is a huge part of sporting events at all levels.  Whether you are wanting to improve your cheer skills for school cheer or you are wanting to be a part of the GEMS team, you can do so with our cheer programs.


Gold Medal Gyms Recreational Cheerleading introduces athletes to the basics of the sport. Athletes will improve on tumbling skills and traditional jumps, all while providing excitement and energy. Medal Gyms Cheerleading programs aim to develop each athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Each class will focus on teaching cheer skills and the foundations needed for the next level of cheerleading.When athletes need encouragement and fans need entertainment, cheerleaders can take your sports experience to another level because they add excitement and spirit to any event.