Does your child love to watch Ninja Warrior? Do they love climbing around on the playground (or your furniture)? Maybe you want to find an outlet where they can burn some of that endless energy. At Gold Medal Gyms, we have the perfect class for your child. Our Ninja Warrior Program brings fun and fitness together in a class you have never seen before.

Unique Physical Activity

The Ninja Warrior Program offers an exciting twist to a youth exercise class. With our brand new obstacle course, your little athlete will learn strength, agility, and balance as they navigate the challenges of the Ninja class. Our giant warp-wall provides an opportunity to improve upper body strength and balance as they climb. 

Fun Competition

Like the Ninja Warrior challenge, our class gives students the opportunity to compete against themselves and their classmates in a fun, low-stress environment. They improve upon their own times and performance to achieve their own personalized goals. This class provides a functional workout that helps to improve their athletic ability for any sport or activity they enjoy. If you are looking for a way for your child to get in shape while having the time of their life — the Ninja Warrior Program is for them. 

Gold Medal Gyms Ninja Warrior Program – Try It for Free

At Gold Medal Gyms, we understand that this class is unlike anything else your child may have tried. We offer a free trial class to ensure they will love our class before you commit. Come enjoy this new exciting twist on exercise today. Simply fill out the form below to begin your free trial, and we will contact you to schedule a trial class for your young athlete. We look forward to your visit!

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