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Young Beginner

Gymnasts will focus on core strength, arm strength, and the coordination necessary to learn headstands, handstands, cartwheels and forward rolls- the fundamental building blocks of almost all gymnastics skills. Balance and coordination will continue to be the focus to improve through repetition of walking, jumping, and kicking, leading into turns and leaps. All athletes will grow at their individual pace with encouragement and positive reinforcement from our professional coaching staff. The athlete will develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance along with developing a certain level of independence.

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This class is designed to be a continuation of skills and growth from the previous class. Your athlete will continue to build strength and gain flexibility. Having the strength necessary to do a pull-over allows the gymnast to focus on casting and back hip circles on bars. A renewed and continued emphasis on developing balance and coordination through walking, jumping and turning, allows the student to gain confidence and begin working on levers and handstands. Proper running technique will still be a focus. As your athlete works on basic skills she will also become familiar with gymnastics terminology.

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Young Advanced Beginner

This program is designed for the young gymnast. Your young athlete’s focus in this program is to learn the proper drills, skills and conditioning for our upper level gymnasts. Athletes in this class are reaching towards accomplishing specific goals. This is a high energy program that places great emphasis on proper form, techniques, skill progressions and fun. Your athlete will work on developing good basic habits. Stretching and flexibility work are an integral part of these Gymnastic classes.

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Advanced Beginner

Athletes who have achieved proficiency in the upper classes will progress to this advanced class where they will be taught advanced skills on each event Additional equipment will be utilized, including the rod floor . Gymnasts while warming up will incorporate cardio, flexibility, and strength training. Stretching and flexibility work are an integral part of this Gymnastic class. Upon completion of this class your athlete will be starting to develop the physical strength needed to progress further into the next levels.

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Young Low Intermediate

A gymnast who has progressed to the intermediate level has developed the strength and flexibility needed to learn more advanced skills. The intermediate level introduces the gymnast to the guidelines and requirements set by the United States Gymnastics Association. As the levels progress, the required skills become more demanding. Intermediate gymnasts also have mastered basic skills on many of the events. While the basics are always reviewed and applied, it is now time to challenge what they’ve learned, refine their skills and develop more advanced techniques of execution!

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Low Intermediate

Intermediate is where the athletes start to refine the basic gymnastics skills and begin to put skills together into routines. Intermediate is the first level were athletes will be learning routines on each event. The athletes will start to learn dance elements on floor, different mounts, dismounts, and skills on bars, the beginnings of inversion on balance beam with more dance elements, as well as vaulting skills! This is the level to begin learning skills that lead to flips, back handsprings, and front handsprings.

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Balance Beam

High Intermediate

This class will continue to build on good basic gymnastics skills and start learning more advanced skills. This class will focus on developing control on the bars. The athletes will learn control in casting. On the Balance Beam the athlete will start learning basic tumbling on the beam as well as more complex holds and combination tumbling on floor.

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Advanced Intermediate

This is an advanced level that continues to build on the skills learned in the previous levels. Athletes having accomplished gymnastics skills, the higher-level of skills will now be taught. These skills will include kips, front handspring vaults, handstands and cartwheels on Beam. Combinations of skills and dance elements learned in the previous levels will be used more often and of course Fun! Is always a must when doing these skills.

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Elite Image


This is the most advanced level in our recreational program. Athletes will be working on the same skills as our competitive Level Athletes as well as front hand springs, leaps and switch leaps in combination with other leaps and jumps, kips and tap swing on bars. Athletes will learn all types of handstands, cartwheels and walk overs on beam. Athletes in this level will hopefully move up to our Team Programs.

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