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From infant to toddler, our child and parent classes help to promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your childʼs first years of gymnastics. Since you are along for the ride, youʼll be able to celebrate every new discovery with smiles and hugs. The athlete will expand their gross motor skills, coordination, balance, along with developing a certain level of structure and discipline. It will help your child to feel comfortable socializing, taking turns, following directions and cooperating with other people. 

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This stage your child will be introduced to an independent learning process without parental involvement. The young athlete will focus on the developmental skills that lead to basic gymnastics, forward/backwards rolls, bar drills, and beam walks. Through these events they will build confidence, coordination, body awareness, and gross motor skills.

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Rising Stars

This class is for kids who have mastered the basics in the Sparklers preschool class. Your athlete will begin cartwheels, handstands, kicks on beams, and cast drills for bars. 

Athletes will continue working through the gymnastics skill progressions on every event, building upon and perfecting the skills that they learned in the Sparklers program. 

The Rising Stars program will teach more difficult skills, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, balance and mental focus.

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This is an advanced program where athletes have progressed from our Rising Stars. This class provides athletes the opportunity to improve on gymnastics terminology and perfect skills they acquired in all preschool classes. Superstars will be introduced to rounds offs, back hip circles, pivot turns on beams, and vault approaches.  

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